Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Winter, how I love blankets, soup, rain....

I didnt really notice that winter was here until yesterday. It was freezing in brisbanes north especially with the rain around. We just plotted around all day it was great I even managed to get some sewing finished.

I am still making winter clothing items and will be until the demand for them stops, but I am really excited to be starting the spring collection. Skirts, Skirt, Skirt and of course shorts. I am a huge fan of pinks so it is unusual for me to work with other colours, however yesterday I tried something new and I came up with the cutest little girls outfit in size 2.

I love how it turned out and cant wait to continue the spring collection. If it available for purchase in my madeit and etsy stores.


  1. So cute, Tammy! Is it true that we'll be neighbours again on Friday night? I can't wait!

  2. hoe hum gosh golly.
    I find your blog to be rather swell.
    The fancy display of pretty pictures here there and everywhere make
    me smile <3
    x x x