Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter, A time to spend with loved ones.

Its been a while since my last post, I did intend to post more regularly but with a toddler at home that really hasn't worked in my favour. I have been busy making dresses and pants for the first BrisStyle Twilight Markets on April 30 in King George Square Brisbane and the first BrisStyle Mother and Child market at Hamilton. Its all very exciting.

Well today was spent at the beach with my husband and children. I was great to relax and enjoy so time out. We swam, and walked while the children rode their bikes (Lilli was riding and steering all by herself, she is growing up so fast) and scooters, and then they explored the playground climbing gym and all. It's times like these you sit back and realise just how lucky you are to have such a wonderful family.

The children are so excited about the easter bunny coming tonight, they have written a letter and left a carrot out for him. Lets just hope they fall asleep some time soon so he can come before he too falls asleep. Tomorrow we are heading out to my aunties property for lunch with the family. I love seeing them all, especially since we moved. It really feels special to spend quality time with them. Nathan and I have been busy this afternoon preparing our vegetable pie and chocolate cup cakes to take along to share.

I hope your easter is perfect spent with people you love.

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