Monday, February 22, 2010

Mathildas Market

I thought I'd share with everyone my experience and pictures from my first ever time retailing at Mathildas Market.

After pulling a very late nighter friday I woke up to the beep beep of my alarm. I did consider pulling the pillow over my head, but with a very exciting day ahead of me I opted for a strong coffee instead. My DH packed the car while I got myself ready. And off to market we went. I couldn't have been any more nervous.
I have only been to Mathildas Market once as a shopper myself and that was at the old city hall venue. So when I walked into The Tote at the Racecourse I was blown away, it was just beautiful. Definitely a great venue for a gorgeous children's and baby market. After a little drama I was all set up for business.

I met some amazing people and really enjoyed the day. Now I am back to creating and getting ready for the Brisstyle Indie Designer Markets 6th March.

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  1. Congratulatins! One market down and they will be easy from now on. Lots of sewing but less nerves. Your stall looks great. X