Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October Handmade Expo

Wow The Handmade Expo is nearly here again. I've been busy restocking my collection for the expo, saturday 17th october. I just can't wait to check out the new handmade items it's all very exciting.

I am loving the spring weather, it's great for my clothing. And all the bright colours are so much fun to work with. The apron skirts are definately my favourite items and Lilliannas too. I've had to put them up higher so she can't run away with them.

Why not pop down to the turf club and check out my gorgeous items next saturday. The expo is open from 8am-2.


  1. Yay...thanks for the mention....The excitement is building once again...See you soon


  2. Cant wait to see you there ! Heads and shoulders, knees and toes, lets all clap hands together. See I'm practising !

  3. Great work... nice word of mouth - looking forward to another expo with lovely weather... See you then.